Photo: Edwin Martin    


A circuitous path that began in the 1970’s as a Junior champion road cyclist during the golden age of bicycle racing - sexy Italian light weight steel frames and alloy components, silk tires, leather helmets, toe clips, wool riding garments, and when I developed an appreciation for beautiful hand craftsmanship and passion for my interests. Educated at the University of Maine with some influential experiences along the way including a teaching stint in Japan, spending several glorious years as a bird and trout bum, and a fly fishing guide - a pleasant way to be compensated for one of my passions and be near the species that inspires me to recreate them from wood and paint.

My carving origins began in the mid-nineties with working decoys. I loved the art and beauty of finely crafted decoys working on water or on display in one’s home, but my passion for fly fishing and trout made for a natural transition to fish carving.

18 and Living the Dream
circa 1981

Surf Scoter

Guiding on the East Outlet
Kennebec River Maine with my
handbuilt 18' Rogue River drift boat


Create unique heirloom quality fish carvings while mitigating their environmental footprint, advocate Catch and Release angling and the conservation of wild indigenous fish species and their habitat.


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Atlantic Salmon Federation

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